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Keeping it Silly

The unique bottle shape and the delicious flavors of Baby Bottle Pop® have allowed millions to successfully surrender to the sillier side of themselves! 

A History of Baby Bottle Pop

  • 1998

    Baby Bottle Pop® is introduced.

  • Early 2000s

    The Baby Bottle Pop® jingle is featured in TV commercials sung by the Jonas Brothers, the Clique Girlz and Mathias Anderle.

  • 2008

    Baby Bottle Pop® launches Message In A Bottle. In-pack codes connect kids to a virtual world where they can send messages as baby avatars.

  • 2011

    Baby Bottle Pop® Rattlerz is released.

  • 2015

    Baby Bottle Pop® introduces kids to the Baby Bottle Pop® Silly Lab commercials featuring the straight-laced researcher and the antics of a chicken character.

  • 2020 to today

    Baby Bottle Pop® adds limited edition silly-tastic flavors like Unicorn Glitterberry and the color-changing powder of Cosmic Strawberry Lemonade.

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